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The TCM Chef is a licensed Chinese Medicine Practitioner based in Singapore who loves cooking and eating. She graduated with Double Degree in Biomedical Sciences and Chinese Medicine in 2010, a joint partnership between Nanyang Technological University and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. After a few years in healthcare, she pursued a Diploma in Culinary Arts to marry TCM diet therapy and culinary. She is on a quest to change people’s perception about Chinese Medicine, herbal food, share the goodness and dispel myths of the 2000-year-old medicine and of course, how food can be medicine. You can learn through:

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Private Dinner

The TCM Chef brings modern herbal food to your table. Learn about herbs and enjoy full of goodness multi-course dinner at our place with scenic view of the Bukit Timah Hill.



Chinese Medicine | Culinary Arts

The TCM Chef teaches Chinese Medicine Food Therapy and cooking for herbal dishes in home and contemporary styles. Register for a class or visit The TCM Chef YouTube channel for online video resources.


R&D | Collaborations

The TCM Chef welcomes collaborations and business opportunities for health talks, workshops, recipe development and food styling with a herbal twist.

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